If you’re planning to buy a heavy duty 3 roll plate bending machine you might think of asking some quotation to the main constructors and easy enough, just place an order to whom assures you the quality you’re aiming for and offers the price you find the most attractive. Instead we would like you to consider the whole thing:

The optimal and safe working height of a plate roll is between 800mm and 900mm. Unfortunately plate rolls starting from 1” capacity because of their own geometry are often taller and so they need to be seat into a pit. It can be few hundred mm deep up to over one mete and even more when the machine capacity is very large.

Digging a pit in a building cannot be an issue if you consider it at the same time you build it up. However it can be a pain in the neck if the building is already existing. Besides the cost which is surely an issue you have to consider your production limited by trucks and excavators running around as well as dust and noise that surely make your life more difficult for a while. Your production is slowed down and there is no way of calculating how much it is costing you till you have it finally done.

What you can calculate from the beginning though is the cost of the pit itself and it is easy to do. Break down your existing concrete floor, install the steel reinforcement along the machine basement and pour concrete on the floor in order to build the walls.

It’s not done yet as there is much to do when the machine is finally installed before you can actually start to produce.

Since a pit is usually 500mm larger on each side of the machine and about 1 meter longer in front and again 500mm longer in the back, you’ll have to consider to build up a walkway all around the machine in order to cover the space between the machine and the building floor. This is all for what it concerns the cost and discomfort of building a pit.

There is more to consider though:


In fact you have to consider that every time you have to do some maintenance on the machine, you have to take the walkway off, go down into the dark pit and work uncomfortably with a flashlight in order to see what you’re doing.

Here is what we’re coming up with:

New and revolutionary design that makes our bending machines up to 60mm thickness working at the most suitable level with no need of a pit. Forget about extra costs, you download the machine from the truck you set it down to your floor and you’re ready to work!

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3 roll plate bending machine