CNC bending roll software

Three different software options for three different levels of CNC control. Written and then fully tested and optimized on our plate rolling machines, by our team of engineers, always with our customers requirements to the forefront. The layout of every operation function window is clear and user friendly.


With a 12” touchscreen full colour monitor Galileo offers a user friendly software. It can be programmed by writing all the steps you want the machine to perform, or just in auto teaching mode, where you actually bend a plate, creating the program as you go, step by step. You can then repeat the same program whenever you have to produce the same part. You can store up to 1000 programs but if you have more to save you can use the USB port to save your programs on a USBdrive, this way you can store your programs on your PC and get an unlimited storage capacity. Galileo is a good starting point where you need to automate a machine but you have budgetary considerations.


The Newton CNC control is capable of auto calculating the position and movement of the machine, simply by just inserting the radius and details of the material you want to bend. On the large 15” touch screen full color monitor you can type and do all the required process and some elements of the machine maintenance. The memory capacity is unlimited and it offers via a USB port a wifi e connection so that ROCCIA can offer remote assistance. A good graphic user friendly software it is easy and intuitive to use and offers a solution to all of the most common bending problems. It’s a good balance between performance and price.


Giotto is one of the most sophisticate systems you can find in the market. Like all other CNC we offer it’s has been developed on ROCCIA machines by our team of engineers, so it isn’t just an adaptation of a commercial system, it is a dedicate piece of software that has been specifically developed to produce the best possible methods to roll plate.
15” touch screen full color monitor with superb graphic features where you can visualize “ to scale” the part you are programming before actually producing it. One of the best features is the possibility to load into the system the DXF files, it handles them up to writing the program without further information from the operator. The movements are all proportional, it is an interpolate system so that more than two axis can be positioned at the same time. This is necessary for instance to bend ellipses or in all cases where a junction between one radius to another can be an issue.

It is absolutely a good working companion that offers valuable and innovative solutions.

CNC system bending roll machines