Roccia Team wishes to remember Mauro in the only way he would have liked: working to achieve all the goals set with the charisma, the passion and the dedication that over time he transmitted us.

From the expert and precise design of Cristiano, to the development of the CNC by Dario and the electric and hydraulic engineering by Diego, who together wisely knew how to combine experience and innovation, up to the assembly of machines meticulously cared ofby Simone, Angelo and Michael, and without forgetting Gabriella, Davide, Silvia and Giulia, who, instead, apply “paperwork” so thatall this worksin the best way. We reserve a nod aside to Gabriele that in incarnating the spirit of his dad, goes on even more enthusiastic and aware of the road undertaken with him.

This is how we want to honor Mauro’s memory, working to never disappoint the confidence and the esteem of those who work and believe in us. This is why today -now more than ever- we are more than committed to providing a product to be proud of, both to produce and to own: a “Roccia style”task, just as Mauro wanted, where customer satisfaction is ours.

We want to thank all the people who worked, work and will work with us, sure that Roccia S.r.l. will go on, for a long time yet, to manufacture “the best existing machines”

And especially tanks to you, Mauro: you are in our hearts!

With dedication,


Roccia Team