Gabriele Roccia is developing the company Roccia s.r.l. with the collaboration of trusted and experienced experts in the fields of, electronic and mechanical engineering: the aim is to build a dynamic company structure with sole aim of ‘excellence’. Gabriele is young man who is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, he has spent many happy hours as a child & teenager working alongside his father in the families plate roll manufacturing business.
“Plate rolls are in Gabriele’s DNA”

Gabriele Roccia

Gabriele’s philosophy is to harness the enthusiasm and innovation of the young engineers, but at the same time, to pay attention to the great experience held by the older members of the Roccia S.r.l. team: this brings a balance to the design process.

Roccia S.r.l. have agreed a collaboration with the Polytechnic University of TORINO, as a result we can state that Roccia S.r.l is now applying for its second international patent.
With an ever expanding range of plate and profile curving machinery, Roccia S.r.l. are confident that they can offer a correct manufacturing solution for all enquiry requests.

The current production offers :

  • Plate bending machine 2, 3,and 4 rolls, with a range of thickness from 0.1mm up to 300mm ‘cold rolling’, with plate widths from 50mm to 8000mm, plus auxiliary handling options
  • Angle rolls to bend beams / sections
  • Dished End production lines for plates up to 50mm thick.
  • Welding positional equipment, welding lines, automated welding etc

are available to complement the plate and profile curving machinery
 Roccia can offer the whole production package.


Roccia S.r.l. machines offer :

  1. The exclusive OP-TIME feature that saves 20% of energy consumption
  2. The lowest level of noise pollution.

A large number of national and international companies have given Roccia S.r.l. their ‘seal of approval’ by choosing them as their manufacturing partner for any bending needs.

Roccia Srl: production of Plate rolling machines, plate rolls, plate bending machines, angle rolls, plate bending machines, bending rolls, profile bending machines & more.